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Gotta Love This Knucklehead


See why this knucklehead is my favorite dog of all times.


Cats and Dogs

Don’t ask me why. For some reason cats and dogs aren’t natural enemies in my part of the world.

The “white rat” of a pup in the photo is my better half’s critter. Allegedly, he’s part Maltese. The other two critters were at the beach with their master. He had a miniture Winnebago-style camper. Well, a Toyota, something or other with a tin house mounted on the back.

Anyway, the guy looked like he’d been drinking sake from a gallon and a half bottle, all night long so, I think he tied his dog and cat on opposite ends of the leash; that way they could walk themselves and save him alot of trouble.

Now when I’m out walking I’ve got two Huskies who don’t realize they’re guests in this country. Cats are natural enemies to them. They were safely out of the way when this photo was snapped; tied to a big tree snapping, barking, foaming at the mouth and trying to uproot the tree and get at the kitten.

This was the first time the little “white rat” ever saw a cat and he looked more interested in figuring out what the rope was for than he was in shaking hands with some strange creature reaching out to him. And I know what the little Pug was thinking. “C’mon, fool. try something stupid”.

Now, the racket the big dogs were making woke-up the old papasan leaning against the rear tire of his camper. So he uses his large sake bottle as a crutch to help him get up on his feet. I lit a smoke for him and asked if I could take a few pictures. “Um” he grunts. That meant OK. He even tried to have me bring the Huskies over for a group photo. I explained that those big dogs were from outa town and there would be a big mess if they got too close to the cat. “Um”; he understood.

Well, now I’m starting to wonder how many other parts of the world have dogs that don’t kill cats, just for the fun of it ?

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