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Pentax K5 Takes a Shower

Pentax K5 Takes a Shower

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Sabina Lore

The day started off innocently enough…


…A little cold and I know it was going to rain.

Just for the heck of it I decided to wear my five-toe socks with my flip flops.
I took two cameras and a tripod so I could do some indoor photography. Besides some pictures I need for paying blogs, I figured I’d shoot some of my socks and flip flops and post them. Just in case people thought I was joking when I mentioned them on someone else’s blog last night.
Well, right after I took a picture with my classy socks on display, I came back inside to check email and I was wiggling around trying to get comfortable in my bar stool and my damn right flip flop broke.  It fell on the floor with a busted strap.  Here I am wearing socks.  It’s raining cats and goats outside.  Freezing cold and I’m not gonna hop with one flip flop 1/4 mile to go home and change into something more uncomfortable.  The flip flop probably has another tthousand miles of tread left on it.  I have to fix it.
 Three rubber bands and the plug that busted outa the bottom of my sole would make it happen.  I’m a survivor.


Rubber bands, twist, through the hole, take the mini-Swiss Army knife and cut some slots in the strap,  wrap the rubber bands good and tight and the shoe is fixed.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Now, all I have to do is walk home, carefully but, at least my socks will be dry, somewhat.  Then, tomorrow, if  it’s a nice day, I’ll wear my blue flip flops.  Take the yellow ones and see if I can find a cobbler shop open; where I can have my favorite shoes repaired, professionally !

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