Well, I’m glad you stopped in to visit and see what this blog is all about and hope you’ll drop in everytime I have something new to post.

Relatively new to all this blogging business and blogging on several other sites, I have to tell you, this one is a little different from any of those, “I Travel the World”, “I’m an Expat”, “Living the Good Life”, “I’ll Make You Rich”, “Save You Money”, “Teach You How To Squat on a Crapper in a Foreign Country”, “Wipe Your Ass with Banana Leaves”, “Write a Monetized Blog” or “Shoot a Camera Blog”. It’s a little bit of everything and anything I feel like writing about at the moment and might include all or none of the above.

The “experts” on blogs all say you have to create a niche. Well, I don’t have any particular niche I fit in and probably wouldn’t stay in a niche very long if I did. Who the hell wants to be stuck in a niche, anyway? Niche people, I suppose would, but where do they come from, France? It sounds like a French word to me.

Have a look around at my Dijicam in Japan Blog, laugh, comment, correct my spelling, make suggestions, requests, analyze me (if yer a shrink), monetize me (if we can split the loot) but, whatever you do, enjoy life. We only get do do it once, I think !

Learn more about where I’m going and what I’ve been doing at Google+


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