Redneck or Not Redneck That’s the Question


Here it is mid January 2013 and I’m just starting to get organized.

Going back through  former posts, I’m trying to decide how to re-label things efficiently.

Over on the other blog there’s a department for Redneck Stuff.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Sunday’s Silly Signs:

Really, I shouldn’t make fun of city people.

When I was young, I’d go there to look for girls. That’s what lots of country boys do, ya know.

Once, this pretty girl in the city was dancing with a fireman’s pole and wearing just her underwear.
She knew I was concerned, probably from the look on my face.

She pulled some money from somewhere down there and said, “Here Sunny-boy, go buy a hamburger”.

So, I did because I figured she must be hungry.

But, when I got back with her hamburger, she was gone. Well, I’m no dummy. I ate the burger.

If you’d be so kind as to read the rest, I’d appreciate some feedback.

Should that be on the Redneck page or, is it not, suitable for Redneck Stuff ?


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